Cash payments in foreign currencies

Since the beginning of April 2023 it is possible to pay with cash in these foreign currencies (in addition to Euro) at and

How does it work?

Send cash in an insured letter or package to our store address in Germany. After we take out the money, we shred the letter. Please check the cash shipment limits of your postal company (e. g. Deutsche Post „Einschreiben Wert“ up to 100 Euros within Germany, DHL Parcel up to 500 Euros). Send it to:

Itermann & Wansing GbR
Bernhard-Göring-Straße 162
04277 Leipzig

Please include a note with this order number.

Pay the specified amount in one of the listed currencies. Please send banknotes only and round up if necessary. We cannot accept coins.

What can I buy?

Our site exists since March 2021 and is also available as Tor hidden service. Currently we offer the following articles:



AnonAddy is an open-source email forwarding service to protect your email address. We are an official reseller of AnonAddy.


Lavabit offers email accounts with best possible security.


SimpleLogin is an open-source email forwarding service to protect your email address. We are an official reseller of SimpleLogin.


With built-in encryption and open source code, Tutanota claims to be the world’'s most secure email provider. Each gift card is a web address. We are an official reseller of Tutanota.


Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN helps you keep your online activity, identity and location secret. Just install the Mullvad app or set up WireGuard or OpenVPN. We are an official reseller of Mullvad VPN.

Safing Privacy Network

Safing develops the privacy firewall „Portmaster“ and runs the „Safing Privacy Network“ (SPN) which joins features of Onion Routing and VPN. The company has a transparent business model and the code is open source. We are an official reseller of Portmaster Unlimited.



Cryptomator encrypts your data so that you can synchronize it with a cloud without the cloud provider being able to read it. We are an official reseller of Cryptomator.

Little Snitch

Little Snitch is a personal firewall for macOS which gives you full control over outgoing network connections. Define which applications can connect to what servers, and get warned if they try to do something else. We are an official cooperation partner of them.


Koofr Cloud Storage

Koofr offers cloud storage that you can access over the web, with the Koofr apps, or via protocols like WebDAV or rclone – perfectly suitable for syncing or backup. Koofr works great with Cryptomator, which encrypts your data before uploading. We are an official reseller of Koofr.

Training and Education


Learn how to manually find and exploit vulnerabilities in online systems with PentesterLab. While their free exercises are great to get started, a Pro subscription gives you access to more than 400 challenges and help from PentesterLab’'s friendly support. We are an official reseller of PentesterLab.

At you will find, among other things, physical goods for digital and analog self-defense.

What other payment options are available?