Pick up or shipping

Pickup: You can pick up your goods in person at our store (Bernhard-Göring-Straße 162, 04277 Leipzig, Germany) during opening hours, stating the order number, or choose contactless pickup from one of the lockers in our local store. For the latter you have to send us a padlock.

Shipping: Besides that, you have several shipping options. Our online shops delete the delivery address two weeks after shipping. You can also submit the delivery address in any other way, e. g. by messenger or on a piece of paper.

We also ship to DHL Packstations. Learn how to enter its address on dhl.de. A DHL account with a Postnumber is required for that.


You can pick up ordered goods contactlessly in our store. For this purpose we have several lockers, the two largest are 59 x 40 x 58 cm. To mitigate possible theft attempts during our opening hours, we padlock some unused lockers as well. We will intervene in case of high noise levels, which may occur during break-in attempts. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee one hundred percent security.

In order for us to secure the locker and for you (or someone picking it up for you) to unlock it, you will need to send us a padlock with a maximum shackle diameter of 9 mm, along with a key or number code and your order number – by mail or in person in one of the designated mailboxes in our store. Keep in mind that mail can be lost or monitored. Make sure you use a secure padlock and recognize your padlock on site.